During my studies in high school, I really sucked in English. When we took a school trip to Spain, I was using translate.google to be able to communicate with our Spanish fellas.

Like a good girl, I finished college and found a corporate job. It took me 1.5 years to realize I was trapped in a rat race and I'm not happy at all. Didn't take a long and I got my sign.

I was just scrolling through my FB feed when I saw an advertisement that was saying "become an au-pair in the US". I signed my resignation, worked for another 3 months, and moved to the US.

II started my journey in New Jersey but after just 2 weeks I moved to Long Island, New York. I was dealing with a language barrier, culture shocks, it took me a while to find the right groceries just a little similar to what I was used to eating... I faced many challenges during my stay. Things, unfortunately, didn't envolved as I imagined and I was forced to come back to my country so much sooner than I planned. But even in that shorter time, I experienced a lot. In a good way and also in a bad way...

I felt like such a failure when I returned that it took me 2 weeks to reach out to my family and tell them I'm actually back... I didn't want to return to Brno where I stayed after finishing my studies and decided to move to Prague. I seriously didn't want to return back to a corporate job, so I took a 3in1 job in a café as a waitress/barista/cleaning lady. And the first time in my life I found a condo just for myself without any roommates. It was huge for me because I was in boarding school, so I always had roommates since I was 16.

Café also didn't turn to be the best career choice and I quit after 8 months. For a while, I was just babysitting 9 y.o. girl which was great because I totally make it up for an au-pair experience. We had an amazing connection. But I needed to find a "real job" so I became a language teacher and "finally" started using my diploma education by learning Czech for foreigners. From the all job experiences I have, I enjoyed this one the most. I had students from Russia, Kazachstan, Kyrgystan, Belarus, and other countries.

It was the end of my first (and unfortunately last) semester in the language school when I manifested an unbelievable thing. I won a fully paid one-week vacation in a 4* hotel in Aruba. It included flight tickets from Prague and back, hotel with breakfast and one night transition stay in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Best vacation ever so far! I can truly say that this event completely changed my life. Because after that I seriously started to believe that everything is possible. Just a few weeks later I bought flight tickets to Turkey and met my boyfriend. I actually never imagined before that I will meet a love of my love across borders.

But we really clicked and decided to give it a chance while I was still living in Czechia and he was living in Turkey. A month later we met in Antalya. I transitioned a bit and I was teaching graphic design in high school. But I started realizing that the field which I studied so hard for wasn't really so ideal and that the current school system still has plenty of limitations which really bothers me... We already had another meeting planned in Istanbul with my boyfriend when I signed up the resignation and decide to make another "crazy" life desicion. I was already sicked of Prague for a longer period of time and I decided I want to move somewhere abroad again.

No kidding, just 3 weeks later, when I packed whole my life into boxes again, I moved to Athens, Greece. Which was a whole new level for me because this time there wasn't any agency that would be helping me with stuff and I needed to figure out everything on my own. Get a greek phone number, open a bank account, register for taxes, find a new home, find new friends. And the language barrier was also a totally new level. I finally mastered English communication skills, but with the official language being Greek, not every Greek really speaks English. Which was a reeeal challenge during opening a bank account... But I took care of everything and my boyfriend visited me for one week.