living abroad

As I already mentioned above, I'm currently living in Turkey. I love living abroad and I seriously believe that everybody should try it out at least for a couple of months in their lives. That's a reason why I launched my YouTube show just about that. And if You feel this may be for You too, I also provide consultations.

TV series & movie fan

Everybody has some hobby they love and this one's mine. I was always trying to be quiet about it because it's not considered really as a "proper hobby" for people who wants to accomplish something in their lives... but f@#k it! This year I want to embrace it, we all need to relax in our own ways. Follow me for tips on what to watch.

YouTube Show

I launched The Lucie Colors of HeArt Show on YouTube! It's all about living abroad, business & mindset, & entertainmeeeent! Hit the subscribe button and of course also a notification bell so You don't miss any future episodes!